Going indoors! Interior tilesets for Old Town!
A classic Dragon for some epic boss fights!
16 Baddies in total in this expanded version of the animated retro baddies.
A free mix of animated retro baddies for your RPG!
Animated Free Animal Sprites to go with the Retro RPG Tilesets
An Expanded Version of the Animated Citizens Pack
A bunch of free 16x16 pixel Characters for the Pixel Grid Series
A 16x16 RPG style Town/Village Tileset in the PICO-8 colour palette
A 16x16 RPG style Forest Biome Tileset using a PICO-8 colour palette
A Mountainous landscape tileset with waterfalls: Lush & Dry
Free Tiles and Sprites used in the game STICK
PICO-8 Prototype: Use the stick to help you get around!
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A Cave themed tileset in Two Versions: Crystal & Mushroom
Classic Dungeon-themed tileset in three colour themes
A classic nature themed tileset in three colour themes

Pixel Grit: A Classic Fantasy Series

16x16 tilesets, and animated sprites in a simple yet gritty style. Expect moody and gloomy environments with a dash of majestic.