A downloadable asset pack

Free Pixel Animals to populate the wildernesses in the Retro RPG Series!


Included in the Download:

Each Animal Sprite comes with :

  • Spritesheet for Non-Combat Animations (4 Directional)
  • Spritesheet for Combat Animtions (4 Directional)


Feeling something is missing, could use improvement? Please feel free to comment below and share your feedback! 

License: Attribution NOT necessary + No reselling/distribution of asset. Commercial and non-commercial use okay!

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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsAnimals, Pixel Art, Retro, Sprites, Top-Down


Retro RPG Series - Animal Wildlife.rar 28 kB

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Overall I really like this!
One comment is that the sprite sheet for the bear is in a different order than the others. The walk cycle goes right-left-up-down, whereas every other sheet goes right-left-down-up. Not a huge deal, just thought I'd point it out

I love this bear! I've started working on a little game where you're a bear. It's for the TI-84+CE graphing calculator :) Here's a SUPER early dev screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/YCUVmje.gif

Hi, love this. Have not spotted any updates for a while, are you still making these packs? Such as interiors?

Hi, yes pixel-time has been in short supply lately, but I haven't stopped. Just released a free pack of creatures for this series! And Interiors is being worked on, it's on the same scale as the exteriors set :)

Hey, thanks for the reply. Glad you havn't stopped! The new pack looks awesome, can I ask why you release these for free though, when you could charge even a small amount? Can't wait to see the interiors!


I  suppose my thinking on this is to release smaller packs for free, and then expand those packs into Supporter Versions that include additional content and variations. Kind of like what I did with the Citizens packs. It gives some people a chance to test out the assets and then choose whether or not they wish to support me by buying the expanded version pack :)

The Creatures will get an exanded Supporter Pack version too, with differently armed/geared Orcs, Goblins, and Skellies. (ie, Skelly Archers, Goblin Slingers, Heavy Armored Orcs, etc...)

Awesome, totally agree with what you have said. Good way to do it!


Looking forward to your interiors and expanded packs!

Love the new animals! I have been working on a few vermin myself lately, definitely can be tricky to get the perspectives correct.